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Here is what I love about working with Dr. Thom Rogers:

*  He listens deeply.

*  He honors everything I say as true for me and believes what I tell him.

*  He discovers the root cause of my symptoms.

*  He uses multiple modalities to customize treatments which work for my specific situation.

*  He knows exactly which questions to ask to receive clear helpful answers.

*  I leave his office feeling aligned in body, mind and spirit -- every time.

I value Dr. Thom's experience and skill.  Being in his care is an honor and privilege.


Austin, TX

Sept., 2015


I have recently become a patient of Dr. Rogers.  Working with him takes me to a whole different reality in the realm of healing.  I have participated in many other healing modalities, both mainstream AMA and many natural alternative techniques ... but this "The One!"  I think of it as "healing outside the box."

Linda P

Houston, TX

Oct., 2014



Hi, Charlie is doing better. His diarrhea is almost totally gone. I will keep you informed if we need to do another session. Thank you very much, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan R. (on behalf of her cat)

Houston, TX

May, 2015 

I only have a tinge (a slight trace) left of whatever that was!!!  ….


We made it thru that awful thing (really quickly) and I survived! Yea!!! Again, Thank you so much for everything. I don't know what I would have done without you. 

Sally G.

Austin, TX

April 2015 



I had my cat seen by Dr. Rogers.  She was suspected of having intestinal lymphoma by the vet.  She was unable to keep any food down and was starving to death.  After one treatment with Dr. Rogers, I saw a complete turnaround in her health.  She is now able to eat and has gained weight and looks normal; 72 hours after treatment.  In fact, I ran out of cat food and am having to go to the store and buy more.


Thanks you, Dr. Rogers.

J. B.,

Austin, TX

Dec. 2014




Thom has been a blessing in my life for many years.  I would have literally died, if not worse, if it had not been for him and his expertise.  He is truly one the of the highest level healers on the planet, and I am grateful he has helped me and so many people I love and care about.

Tony woke up and said he felt good; hasn't said that in months.  The skin color on his legs and feet has totally changed.  Was a reddish purple color and now is back to a much more normal appearance.  (The allergy to blood plasma, etc. maybe?)

Digestion and elimination was greatly improved immediately after his session with you.



Joyce G.

October 2014



The value I get from the sessions is priceless!  You guys are great.


John C.,


May 2014


Dr. Rogers is amazing.  3 years ago, I originally saw him for kidney stones.  It had gotten to the point where my doctor was talking about having surgery to remove them.  Working with Dr. Rogers, I completely recovered without having to resort to any of the more extreme treatments recommended by my medical doctor.

Then, a couple of days ago, I woke up just feeling awful!  I ended up in bed with a fever for 2 days; I had no appetite, I was in a lot of pain, and I felt ready to go into the Emergency Room.  I was afraid I was experiencing a recurrence of kidney stones.  I decided to call Dr. Rogers instead--thank goodness!  The office was able to get me in the same day I called.  As soon as the treatment was over, the pain was gone.  I felt a little bit more energetic, I had an appetite, and I was able to eat.  Today, I feel so much better!  I am definitely on the mend and am, once again, grateful to have Dr. Rogers as a resource when my health is at stake.

Sandy P.

Austin, TX

April 2014



Dr. Rogers is the only doctor I use consistently.  I am beyond grateful for Dr. Rogers' presence on the planet and his willingness and ability to work with his patients for the improvement of their health.  I feel fortunate to have access to such an amazing healer.

I first started coming to Dr. Rogers 5 years ago.  His efficacy in working with several different modalities allows him to find and heal pathogens before they get a strong hold on a body, therefore stopping and eliminating them in their tracks before they have a chance to manifest as disruptive and disabling symptoms.

I have experienced miraculous healing of various health issues for myself, my animals, and my friends and family.  Long-standng uncomfortable rashes have gone away after a single session.  A friend's pain, caused by a pulled muscle in their shoulder, literally disappeared while he was on the phone for a session with Dr. Rogers.

It actually did not occur to me to ask Dr. Rogers' help with my animals until I had an animal in a life or death situation.  However, when the vet gave up on my dog who had a tumor that was deemed to be terminal cancer, I came to Dr. Rogers for help.  I give him credit for playing a huge role in the diminution of the tumor and -- the cancer is in total recession.

I have brought two horses to Dr. Rogers.  The vet had given up on both of them.  After working with Dr. Rogers, one horse showed almost instantaneous improvement.  With the other, definite improvement was observed in about 3 days.

I am thrilled that Dr. Rogers was able to make such a difference in the lives of my 3 animals.  My only wish is that I had brought them to him earlier.

Thank you, Dr. Rogers, for all you have done for me, my animals, and my friends and loved ones.

Tina B.


April. 2014


A few months ago, I came to Dr. Rogers as a 6'1" man weighing 150 lbs who was sickly, jaundiced, unable to digest food, and with elimination problems.  Since then, I have put on 20 lbs and am much improved.  I expect even further improvement with my health as I continue to work with Dr. Rogers and expect to give further testimonials along the way.


Bryan S,

Austin, TX

April 2014


Dr. Thom Rogers is truly a genius when it comes to the human body! I went to him after experiencing lower back issues and a surge of electricity going down my left leg.  Sometimes the feeling in my leg made me want to jump out of my skin!

I spent about $1500.00 at a local chiropractor who made the tingling and pain more bearable but did not create healing or a resolution of the symptom.

It took Dr. Rogers one session to locate the problem and initiate a solution using NMT and his talent as a "body whisperer".  One session to resolve 8 months of discomfort! Wow, is all I could say!

Thank you Dr. Rogers for all you do!


C. S.

Jan. 2014



I got the first whole pain free night of sleep in 3 weeks after the last treatment.



Thanks again,



Sept. 2013





Only 4 days after my initial appointment with Dr. Rogers, I feel SO MUCH BETTER, both emotionally and physically. I feel less stressed and am consciously working to stay centered. My chronic ear issue is decidedly improved. Really … I feel lighter and better overall.

Dr. Glennis,


Sept. 2013


I have to tell him that I left a little disappointed and wondered what was really done.  But to my amazement, I felt pretty good at bedtime and decided to try to sleep in the bed instead of the lazyboy chair.  I slept the entire night without any pain medication and did not even wake up once!!  That is a first in a long time!    Usually,  I can not sleep in the bed for more than 6 hours max.  I slept almost 8 hours and felt great when I woke up!


I can’t tell you how excited I am!   



Austin, TX

March 2013



Seriously, no health pro we have ever seen has ever helped us get results like you. You are truly one of a kind in our experience, and we are happy.



Houston, TX

I am doing exceptionally good. Nasal inhalation very good. Not used nasal spray or decongestant since we talked yesterday. Coughed a few times but only briefly. Felt like clearing old stuff. Felt very good today. Spent day cleaning out Al's closet, with help of course, exposed to some dust and musty odor. Could smell it and feel it but did not have a sinus/nasal response. Best I have been in years!!!!!!!!!


Houston, TX

...well, here it is 3 days later, and VOILA! my wrist is back to normal...full extension with
no pain! You're really quite a miracle worker!!

Thank you for the guided tour of "Physician, heal thyself."


Houston, TX

...thanks for helping me feel better right away...this morning I got up, dressed and put on a bit of makeup....for the 1st time long i can't remember....


Cincinnati, OH

In 2005, after a 17-year remission from Wegener’s Granulomatosis disease, I once again became extremely ill. Through the use of serious and damaging drugs, such as prednisone and cytoxan, I went back into remission until May of 2007. With signs of disease activity resuming, including factor-positive blood test, I began my work with Dr. Thom Rogers.

In mid-May of 2007, I was scheduled to celebrate my May 18 birthday with my yoga students by doing 50 Sun salutes , a full yoga practice, and then dance all night. I was in so much pain that I was afraid I would have to cancel this event. On Tuesday May 15th I had my first appointment with Dr. Thom. I felt very optimistic and by that evening I had no pain and was able to do a very strong practice. On Friday the 18th, I had my blood retested. It was negative! That evening for my birthday we went ahead as scheduled. I did 50 Sun Salutes (that includes at least 50 push ups by the way) and a very strong yoga practice including 10 wheels. I danced as joyfully and passionately as I could till 11 pm that night. I got up at 6am the next day and went for a long walk with my family. We then put 330 miles on our car, showing my cousin around Colorado. We stayed up late, and the next day got up early. No pain and lots of energy! It truly seemed to be a miracle.

I continue to work with Dr. Thom and have stayed mostly pain free and in remission for months now. I’m very excited about continuing on a path of deeper levels of healing.


Pueblo, CO

I have been seeing Dr. Thom for a few years, and appreciate his healing techniques that always seem to help with restoring my health. I have struggled with ear ringing and internal balance problems for years and have seen a steady increase back to good health after my visits with Dr. Thom. I do have the occasional relapse, but they are usually cleared-up after one or more sessions with Dr. Thom. 

Most recently I gave birth to my baby boy and was suffering from post-partum depression. After only one session with Dr. Thom I felt so much better! While I had been on the verge of tears before our session, I didn’t feel like crying at all when it was over! And nor have I ever since!


San Antonio, TX

I have been seeing Dr. Thom for five months. I have had an autoimmune disorder where I lose the strength in my arms and legs. Previously I was receiving infusions every 4 weeks and the disorder was quite manageable. 

Through Dr. Thom’s treatment I am now able to go at least 9 ½ weeks between transfusions. With my last episode only my arms were involved and not my legs, which made dealing with the symptoms much easier. My goal is total remission.

During the past five months my energy level has been higher than it has been in the last six years since I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder. Dr. Thom has also been a guide in weight loss and nutrition.

I appreciate Dr. Thom’s philosophy on healing as well as his philosophy on life. He has taught me to look at life differently.

Physically, I am a very different person than I was five months ago and I attribute that to Dr. Thom.


Buda, TX

Dr. Rogers has been supporting my wellness since 2001. He has helped me with many things...menopause, anxiety, injuries, allergies, depression, insomnia, various illnesses, and recently herniated discs in my lower back. Thanks to his being a part of my health care team, I was able to avoid back surgery, and am back to fully participating in my life.

What I love is that the neuro-modulation he uses engages my body to initiate its own healing, and indicates where additional support will be helpful. Whether I am in Austin or having a session by phone, I always feel more energized, peaceful and whole after his treatment. His commitment, compassion, and gentle presence, combined with his extraordinary skills have made all the difference in my health and in my life. 


Austin, TX / Arkadelphia, AR

I called Dr. Rogers on the advice of a friend because I have diabetes type II and was concerned that my blood sugars were rising and staying high for the past 6-12 months. I also have high cholesterol and the beginnings of osteoporosis. In addition I've dealt with life-long bouts of anxiety, depression, and feelings of dread. Dr. Rogers laid out a plan for me telling me how many weeks and treatments it would likely take, so from the start I knew what to expect.

After just one treatment I felt my energy level shift to a higher vibration. After two treatments, I was started on a nutrition program, which really increased and sustained my energy level. What I noticed first was that I could think and concentrate better, and gradually noticed my ability to be present and aware increase. I quickly pulled out of the depression and felt my energy level and endurance increase day by day.

My blood sugars are lower and more stable. I am looking forward to my next hgbA1C test, which shows blood sugar levels over a 3-month period.

Now the changes are happening fast and furious. Because of these unexpected changes, I have had some pain issues come up and have called Dr. Rogers right away. He has been available and willing to help with neuro-modulation treatment within a day's time. Both times the pain was resolved and I felt much better within a few hours. 

Once, he wasn't able to reach me by phone, so he went ahead and treated me anyway. I felt better but didn't know why, until the next day when he was able to explain the treatment to me. I've been pretty amazed by the positive changes in my health, and my husband is noticing the changes and is so happy for me, too.


Madison, WI

I am continually amazed at your ability to tune into the problems, and either know how to clear them, adjust them, or treat them.
A few hours after my appointment with you, all of the coughing and clearing my throat stopped and my body felt relaxed - like the battle was over.
The excess water is gradually leaving and I am beginning to feel normal, again. I don’t know where that condition would have ended up without your help.

What a blessing you are in my life!

Edna, EFT

Austin, TX

Number 1:
“In September 2007, close to one year after completing a very aggressive and difficult cancer therapy of chemo and radiation, I met Dr. Thom Rogers. Considering the difficultly of my treatments, I felt I was doing relatively well although I was still experiencing hip and low back pain, extreme tightness in my muscles, insomnia, intense fatigue and weakness, digestive irritation and inflammation, bloating and a sense of sadness and loss. I still associated very much with my disease and its treatment.

After the first visit, my hip and low back pain disappeared completely and I felt less fatigue immediately. However, the most significant change was that I felt a renewed enthusiasm for life, was able to laugh more easily and had many moments where I experienced tremendous joy. I was immediately able to begin to move past the association with cancer I had held onto and I began to feel more like my former self.

Dr. Rogers and I have worked together seven times since then and I can honestly say that all fatigue has disappeared, the tightness and inflexibility of my muscles has diminished greatly, I have no digestive inflammation and my sleep issues are no longer an issue. 

Best of all, I feel joyful, exuberant and confident that I will continue to experience radiant health! I often forget that I had been a cancer patient. I can say with confidence that working with Dr. Rogers has offered me a new sense of freedom in my physical and emotional body. Thank you Dr. Rogers!”


Glenwood Springs, CO

Number 2:
In October 2007, with a low white count from chemotherapy and a weak digestive system from radiation, I somewhat hesitantly embarked on a trip to Peru to see my daughter. Three days into my trip, I got very ill with dysentery and spent a day in a clinic receiving fluids and oxygen to treat severe dehydration and accompanying altitude sickness.

I contacted Dr. Rogers office and was given a time to call him from the clinic. Ten minutes before I was able to get a phone connection I began to feel a bit better. When I did get through to Dr. Rogers, he told me he had been working on me remotely for ten minutes. As our conversation progressed, I continued to feel better and told the Peruvian doctor that I would not need to stay the night at the clinic.

The next day I was tired but was able to function fairly well and the following day I hiked around Machu Pichu from dawn to dusk and was up until late that evening enjoying a good meal and a small glass of wine.

There is no doubt in my mind that the work I did with Dr. Rogers created a dramatic improvement and allowed me to continue my trip in excellent health. I arrived back in the states energized. Thank you Dr. Rogers!” 


Glenwood Springs, CO

At the gentle insistence of my neighbor, I agreed to see Thomas Rogers. I had reached a point in my life where I was “existing” rather than living. Despite years of traditional therapy and medical treatments, I continued to suffer from depression, anxiety, fatigue and physical illness.
I have now been a patient of Dr. Rogers for a year and a half, and have become a firm believer in his neuro-modulation practice. In this time, I have experienced a re-awakening of energy – both physical and spiritual. With his guidance, I am finally learning to live my life in ways that promote personal power, joy, and offer a glimpse of the divine. In gratitude…


San Antonio, TX

Now my energy has increased and I go into uncontrollable gales/fits of laughter where I can't stop laughing. I am even waking up at night laughing. And some of the things are "tragic stories" or "novellas" as I call them, but I see them as hysterically funny! I see things as if they were from a Flannery O'Conner short story. 

Joyce, Librarian

San Antonio, TX

About a year ago, I began experiencing a great deal of social anxiety. Being a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company, this served to be a great obstacle in my everyday interactions with clients and coworkers. After working with Dr. Rogers in my initial session, I immediately noticed a difference in myself, and felt much more relaxed around others. Only two months after working with Dr. Rogers, my boss commented on the “huge difference he could see in my personality” and said, “I’m not sure what you’ve been doing, but I have noticed a drastic change in your confidence level and in your interactions with physicians—you once again seem to be the outgoing, self-assured girl I first met.” I am truly grateful for Dr. Rogers’ ability to change my life—both on a professional and personal level!

LR, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Dublin, OH

I was thrown from a huge horse this year, after I attempted to stay on for several enormous bucks. I was dashed to the ground and landed on the point of my right hip. I couldn't walk for several weeks, and got to the bathroom with a cane. I went to Dr. Thom because I knew that his method would help me get through this safely and actually go to the cause of the issue. I went to him once a week for about 6 weeks and began to get my life back. Every time I saw him I would move another notch up on the healing ladder until now I am almost 100%. I"ve noticed that rainy weather does bring on aching at times, but other than that, I walk normally as before. Thank you, Thom, you have no idea how much I appreciate you!

Kay, Topic: Horseriding Injury

Austin, TX

Before I started seeing Dr. Rogers I had a constant cough every night before I went to bed, had trouble sleeping and had no energy throughout the day. However, after seeing Dr Rogers for only a couple of treatments my cough went away completely. After a couple of more treatments my energy increased to the point that I could go mountain biking for 8 to 10 miles a day which would have seemed impossible before. Then as I came to the end of the next couple of treatments I was able to sleep soundly at night without waking up in the middle of the night or having insomnia and staying awake until 3 or 4 in the morning. Common health related issues such as acid reflux and digestive issues have also disappeared with the help of natural minerals, herbs and salts as well as drinking more water throughout the day. I have turned my health around, and I never plan on just suffering through the discomforts that most people do while trying to function with pharmaceutical drugs or medications.

James, Topic: Persistent Cough & Insomnia

Austin, TX

I may well be at an all-time high. My energy, etc., has risen significantly since yesterday.

Joyce, Topic: Energy Levels

San Antonio, TX

After an impressive introductory session and two months of intensely supportive treatments, I am grateful to say that my blinding, debilitating migraines and my mysterious fainting episodes have absolutely vanished. Not only was his work an essential part of the unfolding "answer" for my physical health challenges, I experienced profound spiritual and emotional shifts as well.

Arron, Topic: Migraines & Fainting

Hendersonvill, NC

Dr. Roger's work produced measurable results and measurable upgrades immediately after each session. The heaviness of my struggles lifted and I experienced physical relief instantly and had huge upgrades with my health. Thank you Dr. Rogers.

Jan, Topic: General Emotional & Physical Health

Pillsboro, NC

Before Dr. Rogers started working with me I could hardly walk and had incredible pain in my leg. My foot felt cold and dead, and I had a hard time sleeping because of the pain. I used to sit and cry on my bed and feel so fearful. The MD specialist said that there was no circulation or pulse in my leg. I had previously had 4 operations to unblock the arteries in my leg, and now there was nothing more that they could do: the next step was amputation! Working with Dr. Rogers after a short while, the pain dramatically subsided and I was able to sleep at night. Although there is still no feeling in my foot, the pain has gone, and I can walk short distances without pain. To me, it's a miracle what has happened and my emotional wellbeing has improved tremendously as I was in great fear about loosing my leg. I thank Dr. Rogers with all my heart for helping me to regain the use of my leg without constant pain. I have also noticed all round improvement in my health including my thyroid and a decrease in excessive perspiration where I had to constantly change my clothes. I will turn to you to keep my health in check.

Julia, Topic: Elderly Circulatory Issues & Leg Pain

South Africa

Our 10 year old daughter had chronic pain in her feet for over 18 months as a result of a gymnastics accident. While looking for an acupuncturist, a family friend introduced us to Dr. Thom. After 1 visit, our daughter's pain had substantially subsided. After just 6 total visits, our daughter no longer has any pain in her feet, is able to stand for long periods of time, and play and jump like a normal 10 year old.

Our 12 year old daughter had suffered from asthma since she was 5 years old. After seeing the results with our 10 year old, our 12 year old started seeing Dr. Thom. She had been taking a daily regime of 5 allergy and asthma medications a day. She had never had perfect attendance at school. After seeing Dr. Thom for 1 month, she no longer required her medications. We checked with her Pulmonologist and were given cautious advice to "watch" her. After just 6 months of bi-monthly treatments with Dr. Thom, our daughter has been released from her Pulmonologist care. She has only missed 1 day of school this year, and is now able to participate fully in sports, camping, and singing without worrying about taking asthma medications, and shortness of breath. We are eternally grateful for the gift that has been given to Dr. Thom.

Cinder, Topic: Child Health

San Antonio, TX

In May of 2006 I received a diagnosis of Stage 4 Lymphoma. Thanks to the wonderful and effective treatment from Dr. Rogers, I never experienced a loss of appetite, nor a loss of energy from the chemotherapy treatments; neither did I ever experience nausea. My chemotherapy occurred once every three weeks for four months. The last tests showed there was absolutely no trace of any cancer remaining. I would also like to say that in May, my spleen was so enlarged that the oncologist thought it would have to be removed surgically. Fortunately, we waited to see how my healing would progress, and by September, the tests showed it to be completely normal.

There is no question in my mind that Dr. Rogers' treatment of my condition played a significant role in my recovery. I have, and will continue to recommend him to friends and family.

Mary-Ann, Topic: Cancer Challenge

Austin, TX

About three years ago I became very sick due to poisonous mold. I suffered from extreme fatigue, dizziness, weakness, and almost totally lost my voice. Dr. Rogers has helped me recover from all of these ailments, and I would highly recommend his practice.

Travis, Topic: Mold Poisoning

Houston, TX

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Thom on a regular basis for about 10 years. After each visit we are brought to new levels of physical and emotional health. 

The chronic back pain I had for 20 years as the result of four major car accidents, emotional stress, and hormonal cycle, has disappeared. He has also helped my husband and I deal with day to day stressors. We are able to effortlessly sit within the eye of the storm at those times when everything seems to be swirling around us, allowing us to remain calm and make better decisions for our well-being. Since Dr. Thom started using the Neuromodulation Technique, the quality of my physical and emotional life has risen exponentially.

When my children aren't feeling well, he is where we take them first, so that they can heal gently, respectfully, and completely without pharmaceuticals. Dr. Thom is truly a blessing in our lives.

Jean, Topic: Wellness

Houston, TX

Dr. Thom was working on me today and pinpointed a weakness in my heart. I have a heavy feeling pressing on my heart from time to time. He was able to figure out that the original incident happened when I was 4 months old. I couldn't remember hearing of anything particularly dramatic when I was a baby, but in my perception my parents had left and I didn't know if they were going to come back, and that had created the issue in my heart. Thom was able to clear the issue from my heart in about 10 minutes, and the heaviness in my heart is now gone.

Inga, Topic: Cardiac Health

Houston, TX

When I first started treatment with Dr. Rogers, I felt very sick, and was chronically fatigued. I was struggling with depression, poor memory, sore eyes, and headaches along with the fatigue. Now, I feel fantastic. Dr. Rogers has truly helped me turn my health around. I feel wonderfully energized. I am a Dr. Rogers success story!

Janet, Topic: Chronic Fatigue, Immune System Issues


It's wonderful to have someone like Dr. Rogers in my life to help release what I need to in order to feel happy, healthy, and holy. Just more complete. When my daughter moved away from our home in Texas, to New York, I had such sadness and crying, I felt devastated. After my treatment with Dr. Rogers, I was a new person. The sadness was gone completely. It's great to return to excellence and leave behind shakiness and fear.

Rita, Topic: Emotional Health

San Marcos, TX

When I first started treatment with Dr. Rogers I had sinus and lymph infections, fevers, excessive hair loss, and intestinal cramping! I feel lots better now. My sinus and lymph health is much stronger, infections are way less painful, and less frequent. My hair is strengthening, and I no longer have the intestinal cramps. What I would tell anyone considering seeing Dr. Rogers is to share ANY concerns you have about your health & wellness, all will be considered!

Amanda, Topic: Chronic Infections, Lack of Vitality

San Antonio, TX

I was very concerned about my eye when I began working with Dr. Rogers. My left eye was severely irritated, bloodshot, tearing, and light sensitive. I experienced immediate relief from the symptoms. In addition, I felt a burst of energy and was able to get some work done that I had been procrastinating. Dr. Rogers has an excellent approach to getting to a very deep and profound level of clearing.

Santokh, Topic: Severe Problems with Left Eye

Los Angeles, CA

When I first started working with Dr. Rogers I had a lower back pain issue that had plagued me for years. Within a few treatments, it was relieved. He also helped me with the constant ache in my neck, a sharp stabbing in my wrist, and an overall spastic syndrome that had previously left me barely able to function. Additionally, he discovered and corrected viral symptoms, allergies, and my body's perception of fungal infections. Dr. Rogers has brought my health to a new level. Thank you!

Mary, Topic: Musculo-skeletal Issues, Immune System


I am a healthcare practitioner who needed help on pursuing my own health and well being. I started working with Dr. Rogers for issues of stress and blockages that led to chronic fatigue. I always felt improvement and a shift after his treatments, almost immediately. Dr. Rogers is a dedicated professional with many powerful healing techniques to offer. His work is so powerful that I have referred some of my most difficult patients to him.

Lisa, Topic: Stress & Fatigue


After working with Dr. Rogers for over 20 years, I am genuinely aware of his remarkable knowledge and skill in administering numerous types of healing therapies. I can honestly say he has saved my physical life.

In my experience, his techniques cleared - in one treatment each - a heart concern, burning in my legs, and sleeping concerns. Other longterm intestinal complaints required several treatments but led to deeper, fascinating layers of information relating to cause. For those considering coming to Dr. Thom's practice, I say "Come and be prepared to be amazed and healed, for he is a channel of health, life, and spirit."

Amy, Topic: Colon & Liver Health

Austin, TX

I am happy to have Dr. Thom taking care of me. Over just 2 months of treatments, heartburn and gastric reflux are minimized, and other significant improvements have happened in my physical body: abdominal bloating and fluid retention has greatly reduced, my bowel function is much stronger, and nerve issues in my hand are almost completely resolved. My overall energy levels are improved, and I am quietly feeling more respect for myself and not looking for it from others. I feel more in control of my life, and more secure overall.

Aine, Topic: Vitality Concerns & Emotional Health


I was in an accident seven years ago which ruptured a disk in my cervical spine leaving me with continual muscle spasm in my neck and upper back, and most importantly, muscle weakness in my right arm and hand. It got to the point where my whole body was affected. Not only was it preventing me from practicing chiropractic on a large number of patients, but it was also interfering with my hobbies and recreational activities. For seven years I received continual conventional chiropractic treatments, which restored my cervical spine to 80% function and prevented surgery, however, the neurological muscle weakness was getting worse.

With just one treatment the neuropathy disappeared in 12 hours. What remained was the pain and muscle spasm, the 20% that regular chiropractic could not fix. Then, 18 hours after my second treatment, this pain and the associated symptoms were gone - and have never returned.

Thank you, Dr. Thom, for the gift of my health.

Richard, Topic: Disk Rupture, Neuropathy

Houston, TX

Thom's techniques are extraordinary in making a definite difference with chronic fatigue. My energy level is amazingly better. I feel so motivated in my life because of the work. The overall integrity of my health is absolutely inspiring. Thank you, Dr. Thom!

Margo, Topic: Chronic Fatigue

San Antonio, TX

Dr. Thom's approach has absolutely transformed my life. Twenty-five years ago I went from a healthy young adult to a near invalid after a toxic incident. Since then, I have struggled with pain and disease on many levels with little relief.

I experienced chronic exhaustion, weakness in all extremities, lymph issues, chest pain, heart tachycardia and irregularities, chronic back pain, digestive disorders, nausea, depression, brain fog, and anxiety. Above all else, I had allergic reactions to most cleaning supplies, antibiotics, many foods, medicines, and even health supplements. My body began to attack everything, even itself. I had about given up all hope for any semblance of physical health, much less quality of life.

It is difficult to express in words my amazement and thankfulness for the level of physical and emotional health that Dr. Thom's work has brought me. A majority of the above symptoms have disappeared. More importantly, feelings of joy and abundance have returned to my life.

Anna, Topic: Toxicity Recovery

San Antonio, TX

I felt years of chronic mid-back tension melt after my first session with Dr. Thom. I also noticed that my emotional reactivity quelled and I felt a greater ease and harmony within. Better yet, these results have been maintained. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Thom's services to friends and family.

Rebecca, Topic: Chronic Back Problems, Emotional Health

Austin, TX

My nephew was born with what doctors call multiple ophthalmologic problems, first diagnosed with congenital glaucoma and later on with a genetic disorder that eventually would have left him blind. Dr. Thom's support and personal care helped us through these very stressful times of having a baby with medical problems. We have faith in Dr. Thom"s techniques, and his care made us peaceful through the hard times. Over a 2 month treatment period, not only did the baby’s eyes heal but the baby’s problem with his stomach, which was causing him to not be able to eat and prolonging his stay at the hospital, improved.

Toward the end of the treatment, when the baby had to be taken to a routine specialist appointment required by the hospital, all that the MD could say after the check up was "This is a miracle." The baby is doing great, gaining weight, and able to see. Dr. Thom has that special healing touch that only someone who loves helping others has.

Yanaris (Aunt of Baby Martin), Topic: Newborn Health

San Diego, CA

I’ve been seeing Dr. Rogers on a regular basis for many years and am very appreciative of his work. Being a marathoner that logs many miles all year long with no injuries is a rarity, and I feel that Dr. Rogers is a big part in keeping me balanced physically and nutritionally. I highly recommend him to any athlete who wants to stay healthy and on top of the game!

Suzy, Topic: Athletic Support

Houston, TX

I was miserable with hot flashes throughout the day: from morning to during my lunch hour, into the evening. It was a real energy drag! After 2 sessions with Dr. Rogers, this condition resolved completely. I feel great!

Kay, Topic: Hot Flashes

Austin, TX

I knew better, but couldn’t seem to stop eating simple carbs and sweets. My body craved them. Using the Neuromodulation Technique process with Dr. Rogers over the telephone, the cravings began to subside and were really gone by the 6th treatment. I am amazed at how wonderful this process is: especially since it can be done long distance!

Kathi, Topic: Food Addiction

Washington, D.C.

With Chronic Fatigue, my body was shutting down before my eyes… When it persisted for 3 months, I knew something was seriously wrong. The conventional doctors couldn’t help me. They told me I would probably have this for the rest of my life and that there was no cure. I felt exhausted and defeated. During the next year and a half, I closed my painting business and committed my time to getting well… My husband and I desperately wanted a baby, but my body simply wasn’t strong enough to conceive.

When I became a patient of Dr. Thom Rogers, he started me on nutrition in order to target the organs and systems that were failing me. Dr. Rogers adjusted the amount and type of supplements to be taken every month according to what my body needed. Over the next year, I could feel my body responding to the treatment… my exercise routine slowly increased by one minute every two weeks until I reached two miles. I could feel my mental state getting stronger and I was crying less and less. My muscles and bones no longer felt like lead weights. The next summer, there was an entire month that I felt well. I praised God that He had healed me through the knowledge and persistence of Dr. Thom Rogers. In the next month, my husband and I learned that we were expecting our first child. My very healthy son is one year old now, and I still feel that I have been healed of the illness that so many doctors told me would be in my system forever!

Jen, Topic: Chronic Fatigue


Though I had come to Dr. Thom for a different problem, which we continue to work on, the most dramatic difference I’ve experienced is a newfound, greatly improved, attitude. I’m happier, more positive, and my energy level and general health are much improved. The weekly support has been wonderful for my life.

Joe, Topic: Attitudinal Healing

Jasper, Alabama

When I came to Dr. Rogers for treatment, I was close to losing my two bottom front teeth, and I had gum infections and advanced periodontal problems. The teeth have since become solid, the gums free of infection and regenerating. I feel certain that when I return to the dentist, the x-ray will show bone regeneration, which is the miracle of all this! Concerning all other issues, I have had vast improvement. Furthermore, it is difficult to even describe how I have become less internally conflicted by this process! My appointment with Dr. Thom is the high point of my week.

Christine, Topic: Dental Healing

Austin, TX

The treatments with Dr. Rogers have given me my life back. After a year and a half of Chronic Fatigue and dizziness, I now have no dizziness and have more energy than I have had since the onset of my illness.

I started seeing major improvements in the first week. Now after 9 treatments, I feel great. My family has their wife and mother back.

Jacqueline, Topic: Chronic Fatigue

Austin, TX

All levels of my digestive system have greatly improved. I am more relaxed and I am able to cope with stress and tension.

Sandra, Topic: Stress & Digestion

Austin, TX

Dr. Rogers has given me the knowledge, guidance, and motivation to reclaim my health. By improving my physical well-being, he clears the mental and emotional confusion that is often stifling my energy. His approach to healing has allowed me to unite the physical with the emotional to enjoy a greater sense of well-being.

Kim, Topic: Energy for Life

Houston, TX

In the mid 1990’s I started treatments and it was a life-altering experience. Previously I had been to another chiropractor, and Dr. Rogers’ approach was quite different. I began to see improvements in my health immediately. At one point, while roller-blading, I fell and fractured my spine. Dr. Rogers’ treatments and nutritional supplements enabled me to heal more rapidly than expected, and to maintain my activities without any serious repercussions. I am amazed and grateful that he maintains an open heart and open mind during treatments, and uses the most up-to-date processes and supplements to assist my body’s innate healing. I believe in the miraculous combination of Dr. Rogers’ adjustments and nutritional counseling, as well as my willingness to follow his suggestions!

Diane, Topic: Spinal Fracture

Houston, TX


When I think of Dr. Thom and how his work has changed the quality of my life physically, spiritually, and emotionally, the words to describe it would be "a blessing." If one is ready and willing, his gift of healing can bring you to a place you never thought possible.

Susan, Topic: Wellness

Houston, TX

Our 10 year old daughter Nicole has had symptoms of ADD since Kindergarten, however was not diagnosed until the middle of 4th grade. During these years she worked very hard in school, to remain with Cs and Bs, which affected her self-esteem. At each grade level we were told that Nicole just needs more tutoring, and that they saw nothing that would lead them to believe she has ADD. Enduring these years has been frustrating for al of us. We have another child that had been on ADD medication for two and a half years. After learning about Dr. Rogers, we decided to consult him for Nicole’s condition.

Nicole began treatments in February 2005. Soon after we noticed changes in her, and her tutor was amazed at Nicole's attention span. Nicole’s three teachers noticed changes with her testing, attention, and confidence. Nicole is now an Honor Roll student. Her confidence and social interaction has improved a great deal. We are thankful for Dr. Rogers’ techniques, and for not having to choose conventional medicine for ADD. We will be changing the treatment for our other child soon.

Maria (Mother to Nicole), Topic: ADHD

San Antonio, TX

I am a 55 year old male in good health. I have however had several issues with chest, hip, and back pain from injuries in the past. In March of 2005 I started treatments with Dr. Rogers, working with pains in my chest that were radiating from my back. After 3 treatments the chest pain was gone. We then moved on to a very severe pain in my left hip. The hip pain had been with me for at least a year and was severe enough that I could not lie on my left side in bed. I had been seeing a conventional chiropractor every two weeks for the past year and was not able to resolve the issue. In just 4 treatments with Dr. Rogers, the hip pain resolved.

Over the years I have tried many methods of treatment, and I have found that the Thom's techniques has brought the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time. I am looking forward to continuing treatment to optimize my health. Thom's approach for treatment helps the body help itself without the invasiveness of other forms of treatment. A big plus for me is the Remote Treatment option which means I don’t need to be in the office for a treatment. I live in Michigan and can be treated without a visit to Texas where Dr. Rogers has his practice. By using the telephone the treatment can be administered long distance in the comfort of my own home.

Stan, Topic: Injuries & Pain, Remote Treatments


Thanks for everything. I can just feel the old programs really are melting away. I feel better right now with more energy than I’ve had for two months. Thank you so much.

J.G., Topic: Energy & Rejuvenation

San Antonio, TX

In the Spring of 2005, I found myself with enough aches, pains, and maladies that I decided to try treatment, with Dr. Thom Rogers. Having been a cyclist for years, I was going to have to give up biking if I didn’t find the cause of my health problems.

Dr. Rogers treated my body’s perception of a very large uterine fibroid, longstanding problems with my spine and nerves, and a shoulder that was so painful I was unable to open my car door. After several treatments, not only were the above issues resolved, but I found myself with more energy and vitality that I have had in years. I most certainly avoided a hysterectomy! All my symptoms responded well, and at times immediately, using the Neuro Modulation Technique.

Gwen, Topic: Fibroids & Pain


I have had intense cases of poison ivy for years, including severe itching and scarring. Dr. Rogers worked with on me the second day of my last outbreak, which had already reached across my waistline. The treatment halted the spread immediately and greatly subdued the itching. I was treated several time and all lesions were healed in less than two weeks, with minimal itching. Not only was my session relieving, but I feel confident that I won’t be susceptible to poison ivy in the future.

Sharon, Topic: Poison Ivy

Austin, TX

I came to Dr. Rogers with a long list of problems. I couldn’t play golf because of hip pain that made walking painful. Also, because my shoulder and arm discomfort, I had a difficult time finishing 18 holes. Now, at 81 years old, I can walk briskly and smoothly, climb stairs quickly, and I’m playing golf again. My 65 year old gardener can’t believe how fast I can go up the stairs. He can’t do as well. My shoulder immobility and inability to lift it are vastly improved. My overall health and energy has taken off. Also, the festered area above my right hairline area is now basically healed. I am most grateful to Dr. Rogers and his healing approach for all these changes.

Pat, Topic: Elderly Mobility & Energy

Jasper, AL

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