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Welcome To The Practice Of Thomas Rogers D.C.

As a chiropractor and energetic practitioner in Austin, Texas, I recognize that there is an intelligence within the body and within each individual, which not only forms us from two cells and keeps us alive, but also coordinates, renews, repairs, and heals each of the 30 trillion cells in the body. Each cell performs 100,000 chemical reactions per second and across the board the number of reactions is nearly infinite. The nervous system is a main co-ordinating system and distribution center for this life power.

Information faults and cranial/spinal subluxations interfere with the flow of this life power. Proper coordination, repair, healing, locomotion, motivation, and genetic potential cannot be expressed when this life power is blocked or compromised. Adjustments and Corrections made in this office release interference to the nervous system, and confusion within the Autonomic Control System is reduced or eliminated.

The inborn intelligence can heal most all diseases if uncompromised. Health restoration is one of three reasons why clients seeking the best possible healthcare come to this office. Another reason is to receive preventative/wellness care, purification/weight-loss assistance, performance enhancement, and rejuvenation.

The purpose of informational fault corrections and adjustments is to allow the internal wisdom of the body and its ACS to inform all life processes, eliminating internal confusion and maximizing its self- organizing capacities.

In this office, we utilize the three sides of the triangle of health: Structure, Bio-chemistry, and Energetics.

In essence, we remove internal confusion, re-regulate your internal regulation, unleash your self-healing potential, and bring you, the individual, back into prominence. This, in turn, jump starts the process of making your own internal corrections.

I deeply believe that I am utilizing the best and most effective models of healing to make corrections for your well-being. Please feel free to visit the “Client Quotes & Case Studies” page for more insights.

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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Thomas Rogers, DC

  • 1985 Texas Chiropractic College
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic
  • 1982 Lake Worth College, Florida
  • Premed Undergraduate Studies
  • 1973 University of Munich, Germany
  • 1971 University of Indiana Masters Program
  • 1970 Cherry Hill Institute of Technology
  • 1970 DePauw University (Indiana) B.A.
  • 1969 University of Leeds, England
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What Our Patients Say

I have recently become a patient of Dr. Rogers. Working with him takes me to a whole different reality in the realm of healing. I have participated in many other healing modalities, both mainstream AMA and many natural alternative techniques ... but this "The One!" I think of it as "healing outside the box."

Linda P.

I am continually amazed at your ability to tune into the problems, and either know how to clear them, adjust them, or treat them. A few hours after my appointment with you, all of the coughing and clearing my throat stopped and my body felt relaxed – like the battle was over. The excess water is gradually leaving and I am beginning to feel normal, again. I don’t know where that condition would have ended up without your help. What a blessing you are in my life!


About a year ago, I began experiencing a great deal of social anxiety. Being a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company, this served to be a great obstacle in my everyday interactions with clients and coworkers. After working with Dr. Rogers in my initial session, I immediately noticed a difference in myself and felt much more relaxed around others. Only two months after working with Dr. Rogers, my boss commented on the “huge difference he could see in my personality” and said, “I’m not sure what you’ve been doing, but I have noticed a drastic change in your confidence level and in your interactions with physicians—you once again seem to be the outgoing, self-assured girl I first met.” I am truly grateful for Dr. Rogers’ ability to change my life—both on a professional and personal level!


Seriously, no health pro we have ever seen has ever helped us get results like you. You are truly one of a kind in our experience, and we are happy.


At the gentle insistence of my neighbor, I agreed to see Thomas Rogers. I had reached a point in my life where I was “existing” rather than living. Despite years of traditional therapy and medical treatments, I continued to suffer from depression, anxiety, fatigue, and physical illness. I have now been a patient of Dr. Rogers for a year and a half, and have become a firm believer in his neuro-modulation practice. In this time, I have experienced a reawakening of energy – both physical and spiritual. With his guidance, I am finally learning to live my life in ways that promote personal power, joy, and offer a glimpse of the divine. In gratitude…


A few months ago, I came to Dr. Rogers as a 6’1″ man weighing 150 lbs who was sickly, jaundiced, unable to digest food, and with elimination problems. Since then, I have put on 20 lbs and am much improved. I expect even further improvement with my health as I continue to work with Dr. Rogers and expect to give further testimonials along the way.

Bryan S.

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