Key to Optimal Vitality Through Neural Pathway Healing
by Thomas Rogers, DC

More specifics on how Dr. Rogers can assist your condition(s), processes, concerns…

Hundreds of reasons exist for the body’s internal regulation of itself to drift into confusion. They span the entire spectrum from physical, chemical, emotional, mental, and bio-electric stressors and causations. To name a few: vaccines, heavy metals, toxic poisons, allergenic signals, family issues, work stressors, genetic issues, surgeries & scar tissue, EMF fields, devitalized water, unresolved shock & trauma, dental cavitations, fear itself, the list goes on.

The key in restoring equilibrium is to identify where the confusion lies within the body’s control systems and bring that awareness present so the body can regulate its own self. Your body CAN re-regulate most any abnormality if it can perceive clearly what the confusion has not allowed it to see. That is the vital key provided by myself as the practitioner.

The speed at which healing can occur often depends, in part, upon the extent of information distortion & disturbance in your regulating system. The more profound and extensive the disturbance, the more challenging it can be to reach a durable resolution with conventional approaches. Through our unique approach, plus abundant hydration, adequate nutrition, and detoxification, your body is capable of healing on levels and at speeds previously not thought possible by medical science.

Our body contains approximately 30 trillion cells. The goal is optimal function within those cells. Illness, as earlier stated, is the body’s confusion of internal regulation. Your inborn intelligence, with you since conception, heals all diseases if uncompromised! Our healing approach brings the one and only you back into prominence, as optimal health pathways are restored.

Therapeutic intention is an aspect as to why the techniques utilized are so powerful. The entire Universe works by intention. Consider reading Wayne Dyer Ph.D.’s Power of Intentionto deepen your understanding of how this can work in your life. And read the Client Testimonials page to see how it’s worked for others.

One of the major premises of this work is that some part of you knows what’s occurring and can inform all parts of yourself, leading to corrections of confusions and illness into health. Regarding chronic disease, usually what is happening is that what should be attacked by the body’s systems is not, and what is getting attacked should not be – this is one example of how internal confusion needs to be resolved for health to return. It’s healthy to have some skepticism, but once you’ve decided upon treatment, this must be discarded so full alignment with the goals of treatment can be realized. Both practitioner and client need to work as a team, to accomplish the original intention.

Present day healthcare costs are driven by medical-legal conventions and have little or nothing to do with investment in healing. Additionally, 50% of the average American’s life savings is expended in the last 2 years of life to decrease pain and disability. The approach I utilize is the best I’ve found to resolve and correct underlying distortions contributing to illness and is the best investment you can make. And, from a preventative viewpoint: 1 ounce of prevention = 2 pounds of cure!

When you come for your first treatment session, your history and exam are assessed and it is ascertained if the condition/symptom is reversible. As a team, we ask your body if our processes can help and if so, to what % of success is possible. We ask if the doctor to whom you presented is the best one to assist you.

We also give you, through your own body’s intelligence, an estimation/projection of the number of visits required to reach a milestone showing durable evidence or indication of improvement. This usually is seen within 6-10 treatments, sometimes less. Long-term conditions can often require 20-30 visits.

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